Women Speak Scotland supports the promotion and protection of women’s sex-based rights. We recognise the life-long impact that being born female has on women’s experiences, opportunities and relationships.

We believe in the right to freedom of speech. We believe we should be able to discuss and research women’s rights and protections – in academic institutions, political and legal circles, on social media, within publicly funded organisations, and in cultural spheres – without fear of physical or emotional attack, harassment or threats to our livelihoods.

The website provides information about campaigns and actions which support women’s rights, or which counter the current misogynistic campaign against free speech and democratic discourse on issues of sex and gender.

The website is published by an informal network of feminists. We welcome comment and contributions from everyone who shares our values and concerns, regardless of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, social class or political affiliation.

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In support of Marion Millar

Please sign and share the following petition.

Sign the WHRC open letter on the appointment of a new UNWomen director

WHRC has written an open letter to the executive board of UNWomen to ask that the recruitment process is transparent and free from monied male interests. Click here to read it and add your name.

Parents – Can you helP get ‘Boys and Girls and the Equality Act’ into schools?

Transgender Trend and Sex Matters have produced a guide specifically for Scotland about the responsibilities of schools under the Equality Act 2010 towards all boys and girls in relation to the protected characteristics of sex, and “gender reassignment.”

Your help is needed to get it into the hands of headteachers, teachers, school governors and education authorities.

More information on how to do this is provided here.

The Trans Umbrella is older than you think

Gerry Davies has written an excellent article on the term ‘trans’ which encompasses a variety of ‘identities’. You can read it here.

There are a number of incredibly important cases that currently require sufficient funding to enable the women and men to see it through in court.

A summary of all the Judicial Reviews, Employment Tribunals, and Appeals since 2018 can be found in the document linked below, along with links to the crowdfunding pages.

Please donate if you are able to and spread the word about them if you can. Thank you.


Tavistock gender clinic ‘converting’ gay children

Stonewall advises organisations to use ‘parent who has given birth’ to help boost ranking

Activist Marion Millar charged with sending homophobic and transphobic tweets

Sweden’s Karolinska Ends the Use of Puberty Blockers for <16: New policy statement from the Karolinska Hospital
The “Dutch protocol” for treating gender dysphoric minors has been discontinued over concerns of medical harm and uncertain benefits

Tavistock trust whistleblower David Bell: ‘I believed I was doing the right thing’
He worries that too much emphasis is placed on gender and not enough on sexuality – “the children are often gay” – and he continues to be anxious about co-morbidities such as anorexia, autism and history of trauma in its patients. “Some of the children are depressed. It’s said that it’s their gender that is the cause of this, but how do we know? And why don’t we try to treat that first?”
The current campaign to ban so-called gay conversion therapy is, he believes, likely to become a Trojan horse for trans activists who will use it to put pressure on any clinician who does not immediately affirm a young person’s statement about their identity, decrying this, too, as a form of “conversion”.

Edinburgh science festival

Some interesting topics from the science festival this year.

Gendering AI: the Case of Conversational Assistants


The Menopause Manifesto with Dr Jen Gunter


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