Women Speak Scotland supports the promotion and protection of women’s sex-based rights. We recognise the life-long impact that being born female has on women’s experiences, opportunities and relationships.

We believe in the right to freedom of speech. We believe we should be able to discuss and research women’s rights and protections – in academic institutions, political and legal circles, on social media, within publicly funded organisations, and in cultural spheres – without fear of physical or emotional attack, harassment or threats to our livelihoods.

The website provides information about campaigns and actions which support women’s rights, or which counter the current misogynistic campaign against free speech and democratic discourse on issues of sex and gender.

The website is published by an informal network of feminists. We welcome comment and contributions from everyone who shares our values and concerns, regardless of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, social class or political affiliation.

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Women & Social Security Survey: Winter Heating Assistance

Scottish Women’s Convention have put together a short survey to gather women’s views on Winter Heating Assistance in Scotland. Share your views here.

Our Bodies Our Rights in Lockdown

Engender and People First have developed a survey to find out how the pandemic has affected disabled women. In particular, they are seeking your stories of how services have adapted and how that has affected your access to support systems, whether friends and family, social care, parenting support and schools or health services, including but not only reproductive and sexual health. More information can be found here and the survey can be accessed here.

UrGENT Actions

Safeguard evidence-based therapy for children struggling with gender dysphoria

Please sign and share the following petition to the UK Government.


A fantastic grassroots campaign by women of all ages and backgrounds from across Scotland. Women Speak Scotland supports our ‘Sole Sisters’ and we are pleased that they endorse our Manifesto!

Check out their website and follow them on Twitter. Do you fancy organising your own shoe protest?

There are a number of incredibly important cases that currently require sufficient funding to enable the women and men to see it through in court.

A summary of all the Judicial Reviews, Employment Tribunals, and Appeals since 2018 can be found in the document linked below, along with links to the crowdfunding pages.

Please donate if you are able to and spread the word about them if you can. Thank you.

Coming up…

6 MAY : ANN Sinnott – permission hearing to determine if a judicial review can be granted

23 JUNE : Keira Bell and Ms A vs Tavistock Clinic Appeal against Dec 20 ruling by Tavistock Clinic


Sweden’s Karolinska Ends the Use of Puberty Blockers for <16: New policy statement from the Karolinska Hospital
The “Dutch protocol” for treating gender dysphoric minors has been discontinued over concerns of medical harm and uncertain benefits

Tavistock trust whistleblower David Bell: ‘I believed I was doing the right thing’
He worries that too much emphasis is placed on gender and not enough on sexuality – “the children are often gay” – and he continues to be anxious about co-morbidities such as anorexia, autism and history of trauma in its patients. “Some of the children are depressed. It’s said that it’s their gender that is the cause of this, but how do we know? And why don’t we try to treat that first?”
The current campaign to ban so-called gay conversion therapy is, he believes, likely to become a Trojan horse for trans activists who will use it to put pressure on any clinician who does not immediately affirm a young person’s statement about their identity, decrying this, too, as a form of “conversion”.

The Yogyakarta Principles: women’s rights were not considered

Gary Powell: Why we should say no to surrogacy

Female Asylum Seekers in the UK at Risk of Exploitation, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

RECAP: Watch The Scotsman’s election virtual hustings

The Scotsman is holding eight virtual hustings to cover the regional list areas. It will take place every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm and can be watched either at The Scotsman’s website or their Facebook page. People can submit questions in advance for the candidates by emailing them to scotsman.livestream@jpress.co.uk and including their full name, age, location and occupation. Questions can also be asked live on the Facebook page.

Watch the ones that have already taken place from the links below:

Lothians (16 March)

  • Miles Briggs (Scottish Conservatives)
  • Sarah Boyack (Scottish Labour)
  • Lorna Slater (Scottish Greens)
  • Catriona MacDonald (SNP)
  • Fred Mackintosh (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
  • Derek Winton (Reform UK)

South Scotland (23 March)

  • George Galloway (All For Unity)
  • Paul McLennan (SNP)
  • Craig Hoy (Scottish Conservatives)
  • Laura Moodie (Scottish Greens)
  • Carol Mochan (Scottish Labour)
  • Catriona Bhatia (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

West Scotland (30 March)

  • Ross Greer (Scottish Greens)
  • Jamie Greene (Scottish Conservatives)
  • Michelle Campbell (SNP)
  • Neil Bibby (Scottish Labour)
  • Katy Gordon (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
  • Peter Morton (Renew Scotland)

Glasgow (6 April)

  • Ivan McKee (SNP)
  • Pauline McNeill (Scottish Labour)
  • Sandesh Gulhane (Scottish Conservatives)
  • Carole Ford (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
  • Kim Long (Scottish Greens)
  • Ruth Wilkinson (Women’s Equality Party)

Central Scotland (13 April)

  • Neil Gray (SNP)
  • Mark Griffin (Scottish Labour)
  • Haroun Malik (Scottish Conservatives)
  • Paul McGarry (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
  • Gillian Mackay (Scottish Greens)
  • Peter Krykant (Independent)

Highlands and Islands (20 April)

  • Andy Wightman (Independent)
  • Edward Mountain (Scottish Conservatives)
  • Rhoda Grant (Scottish Labour)
  • Maree Todd (SNP)
  • Ariane Burgess (Scottish Greens)
  • Alan Reid (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

North East Scotland

  • Fergus Mutch (SNP)
  • Maggie Chapman (Scottish Greens)
  • Michael Marra (Scottish Labour)
  • Douglas Lumsden (Scottish Conservatives)
  • Rosemary Bruce (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
  • Ewan Gurr (Restore Scotland)

Mid Scotland and Fife

  • Neale Hanvey (Alba Party)
  • Murdo Fraser (Scottish Conservatives)
  • Jenny Gilruth (SNP)
  • Mark Ruskell (Scottish Greens)
  • Claire Baker (Scottish Labour)
  • Peter Barrett (Scottish Liberal Democrats)


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