Women Speak Scotland supports the promotion and protection of women’s sex-based rights. We recognise the life-long impact that being born female has on women’s experiences, opportunities and relationships.

We believe in the right to freedom of speech. We believe we should be able to discuss and research women’s rights and protections – in academic institutions, political and legal circles, on social media, within publicly funded organisations, and in cultural spheres – without fear of physical or emotional attack, harassment or threats to our livelihoods.

The website provides information about campaigns and actions which support women’s rights, or which counter the current misogynistic campaign against free speech and democratic discourse on issues of sex and gender.

The website is published by an informal network of feminists. We welcome comment and contributions from everyone who shares our values and concerns, regardless of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, social class or political affiliation.

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For Women Scotland Campaign – Email your MSP and stand up for women’s rights

Ahead of the Scottish Government’s plans to bring forward a Bill to amend the Gender Recognition Act, For Women Scotland are encouraging us to contact all our MSPs to raise our concerns, express objections, and call upon them to vote against any move towards self-identification of sex.

They have set up a quick and easy way to contact all 8 of your MSPs using a template email here, but feel free to amend it to make it more personal to your views. Remember that personal and individual emails tend to have a better impact rather than lots of emails saying the exact same thing.

If you have already emailed your MSPs, please follow up the responses and, where possible, ask for a face-to-face consultation.

Women’s organisations call on MSPs to reject Scottish Government’s proposal to reform the Gender Recognition Act

Read our joint statement that was sent to all MSPs.

BBC Sounds – Nolan Investigates

Nolan Investigates looks at the influence Stonewall has in public institutions across the UK. They talk to a range of voices with a view on sex, gender and identity. Listen to the 10 episodes here.

Gender reform questions politicians must answer

Sole Sisters have published a set of important questions that we need the answers to. When an announcement on GRA reform is made, please contact all eight of your MSPs to ask them about the proposed plans and, in particular, the effect of self-ID on service provision for women and girls.

They also have a huge stack of information postcards that will need to be distributed all over Scotland! You can leave them on trains, buses, within library books, in pockets of clothing, in public toilets, cafes, GP surgeries….. the opportunities are endless. If you’d like to help out, send them an email at votingwithourf33t@gmail.com and they will send some out to you.

Any donations to help with the costs of the postcards are gratefully accepted here.

The Trans Umbrella is older than you think

Gerry Davies has written an excellent article on the term ‘trans’ which encompasses a variety of ‘identities’. You can read it here.

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