There are a number of incredibly important cases that require sufficient funding to enable the women and men to see it through in court. Please donate if you are able to and spread the word about them if you can. Thank you.

(Last updated: 17 December 2022)

live crowdfunders

Help Sarah’s Legal Challenge to Secure Female Only Rape Crisis Therapy – Sarah Summers

Help defend freedom of speech: Sanctioned by Social Work England – Rachel Meade

Defend LGB Alliance’s Charity Status

Help Us Protect Single-Sex Services and Spaces! – Women Talk Back!

Worthy of Respect in A Political Party – Shahrar Ali

The Green Party must respect our sex! – Emma Bateman

Institutional Sexism in the Green Party – Dawn Furness

Justice for Jenni Swayne

Lisa Keogh Crowdfunder

Harassed, silenced & compared to a racist for my gender critical views – Prof. Jo Phoenix

Expelled from my university course for holding gender critical views – James Esses

Natalie Bird Legal Fund – Natalie Bird

The police should not secretly record us as ‘hateful’ – Sarah Phillimore

Support Miss B’s Challenge – Mrs A

Past Crowdfunders

Sex-Based Rights vs Cancel Culture – Shahrar Ali

Bullying and Harassment Enabled by Bristol University – Raquel Rosario Sánchez

Gillian Philip – Terminated for supporting women’s rights

Rosie Kay- fighting to protect women’s rights and freedom of expression

I am suing Stonewall – Allison Bailey

Stand With Maya! – Maya Forstater

Protect gender dysphoric children from experimental treatment – Keira Bell

Expelled from GirlGuiding because of my Gender Critical Beliefs – Katie Alcock

Feminist Student Society Sanctioned for Being Women-Only

Reclaim the definition of “sex” in Scotland

Fighting for sex-based rights of women in prison

Stop the Scottish Government redefining “woman” to include men – For Women Scotland

Marion Millar Crowdfunder – case has been dropped/suspended

Challenging Thought Crime: HarryTheOwl v The College of Policing – Harry Miller

Safeguarding Concerns at GIDS – Sonia Appleby

Stop the ONS redefining sex in the Census – Fair Play For Women

Official sources provide unlawful guidance on the 2010 Equality Act! – Ann Sinnott

AB’s case – Labour Women’s Declaration Working Group

Help support a teenage girl challenge CPS LGBT+ hate crime guidance – Safe Schools Alliance UK

Challenge to guidelines that shape clinical practice at GIDS – Mrs Y

Protect Gender Dysphoric Children from the Affirmation Model – Keira Bell

Legal case to protect children from experimental medical treatment – Susan Evans

Help me challenge damaging Transgender schools guidance in Oxfordshire – Victoria Edwards

Protect Freedom of Speech in our Universities – James Caspian

Free Speech Matters – James Caspian

Fight for Academic Freedom of Speech to discuss Sex and Gender – Rachel Ara

Action in Defamation – Sarah Phillimore

David Bell Legal Fund – David Bell