The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill is one of the most concerning pieces of legislation proposed by the Scottish Government. It has the potential to criminalise individual women and feminist groups that speak out against the erosion of women’s rights due to gender extremism.

The Free to Disagree campaign gives a brief explanation of why the Bill is problematic.

The Scottish Parliament’s bill process and the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill – An explanation of how legislation is brought forward, and how various amendments and rejections can take place.

‘Hate Crime Bill could stop women speaking out on trans issues’ – Policy analysis collective Murray Blackburn Mackenzie (MBM) raised particular concerns over the inclusion of a ‘stirring up hatred’ offence on transgender identity.

Further analysis by MurrayBlackburnMackenzie :

Defining transgender identity in the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill and beyond

Should ‘Variations in Sex Characteristics’ be included in the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill?

The limits of precedent and the special case of racial hatred